We deliver leading programmes in the arena of human dynamics that are based on creating personal change, ensuring a greater level of fulfilment, happiness and therefore life.

All About Us

Spectrum programmes are unique in many ways and our team of specialised coaches and therapists continue to get results in varying environments. The Foundation trains and prepares all of its own people to deliver these programmes within our broader community of coaches, therapists and trainers.

Our History

Spectrum programmes have been used across the world. They were developed in the UK, are results focused and are supported by evidence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce our full range of performance programmes into Thailand, attracting clients worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a range of well-being programmes to international communities of aspiring coaches and volunteers, helping selected communities within Thailand and abroad.

Our Values

  • We’re brave, taking on people challenges that others don’t.

  • We focus on quality throughout our model.

  • We’re accountable for what we deliver to our customers, and to and through our practitioners/coaches.

  • We’re transparent in all that we do.

  • We behave ethically.

People suffer from the same emotional problems, which present themselves in different areas of life.
— Michael Stott

What we have achieved…

  • Spectrum programmes have been delivered in a variety of high performance environments, working with complex groups of people associated to mental health.

  • Our clients have come from surprisingly different arenas of performance. These include military, international sport, uniform services, business, drug and alcohol rehab services and prisons.

  • Spectrum has been delivered across the world and is currently used by its certified coaches, trainers and practitioners.

  • Spectrum has helped thousands of people regain their lives from some of the most complex presenting issues.

  • Spectrum is currently preparing for participation in a knowledge transfer partnership in the UK, with a view to eventual accreditation as a NICE- approved treatment for trauma.